heat.wav is music discovery through real space


Because we believe music sounds better when they're not just tracks in your library.


Match with music

On Heat.wav, music finds you and not the other way around.
All you have do to is swipe left to skip, or swipe right to like.

We want to reveal the right amount of information at the right time, that's why we only show track title and artist after five seconds of playback. If you're not interested in a track, you don't even have to know its name.








Spacial discovery

Every track you discover on Heat.wav has a real spacial identity
attached to its creator. We believe it not only brings you closer
to music, but also unlocks possibilities that rarely take place
through passive listening, like collaboration or in-person meetups.

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Made by people
who care about
music as much
as you do


Heat.wav hatched from the frustrations we see from the producers, artists, and other creatives alike around us. By adding the dimension of space, we want to create a more intimate music discovery experience that for creators, it is fairer and easier to get their music heard, and for listeners, good music come before everything else. 

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Launching Early 2019